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Jeffery E Doherty - ArtWorks
Is the official writing 
and graphic design home
of Artist and
Children's Writer
Jeffery E Doherty.
Writing Services:
  • Children's fiction - picture books, children's stories and poetry, chapter books, junior novels and young adult novels.
  • Freelance non-fiction articles - how to writing articles.
  • Book reviews - reviews of books in the children's and speculative fiction genres.
Graphic Services:
  • Commissioned Works of Art - Portraits, pet portraits, family or fan art from photographs.
  • Book Cover Art - production of cover art for books.
  • Artist's Galleries - Traditional paintings, sketches and hand painted digital art.
  • Photo manipulation - Photograph repairs or artistic photographic reconstruction.  
  • Logo and Business Card Design - Custom design of a logo or business cards from your specifications.
Portrait Samples
Sample 1                     Sample 2                  Sample 3
Pet Portrait Samples
Sample 4                       Sample 5                                      Sample 6
Fan Art Samples
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Commissioned Art Works - How it works:
Single Portrait -  From only  $45.00
* High resolution Graphic file.
Step 1            Step 2         Step 3
E-mail the photograph         The painting will be           Art work will be
you want the painting           completed and a low-       printed, packaged &
created from.                         resolution proof sent         forwarded to you
(Include any style or design                    for your approval.                 on receipt of payment.
requests in the body of the email)
Often you have several photographs where in one, the subect is posed perfectly but is squinting or not smiling, and in another, they have the perfect smile. Or you have seperate photographs of your children but want them incorperated into the one picture. Feel free to send several photographs with a note as to what aspects of each picture you would like in the final work.  
The paintings Jeff creates from your photographs are done using a digital media, but are all hand painted using a tablet and stylus. They are not just photographs run through an artistic filter as many companies in the industry do and try to pass off as art works.
If you are not satisfied with the quality of your order, return it for a full refund.
(# some conditions apply.)
Jeff's single figure paintings generaly require about five to ten hours of painting time to complete. More complex works often require much longer.
Pricing varies dependant on the complexity of the work required.
Pricing Guide
Single figure portrait
High resolution graphic file              $45.00 (Base cost)
Printed on canvas or                        $70.00
watercolour paper up to
20cm x 29cm
Printed on canvas                            $90.00
up to 20cm x 29cm
(mounted on gatorboard)
Printed on canvas                            $120.00
up to 30cm x 43cm 
(mounted on gatorboard)
Printed on canvas                            $175.00
up to 40cm x 57cm 
(mounted on gatorboard)
Multiple figure portrait
Add $20.00 to the base cost for each extra person.
Other printing options
Greeting cards                                  Base cost + $4.00 (per card)
Laminated print                               Base cost + $25.00
Matted print                                     Base cost + $35.00          
High-gloss mounted print              Base cost + $45.00         
Posters (40cm x 59cm)                   Base cost + $30.00       
Posters (59cm x 84cm)                   Base cost + $45.00
#Note: The base cost is a once only charge.
If you purchase any product, you can order subsequent reprints of that product  from the other printing options list less the base cost amount.
For example:
Purchase an unmounted canvas print for $70.00 and you can also order unlimited greeting cards of the image for just $4.00 each or an extra laminated prints for just $25.00 each.                      
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